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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Muslim Lands
with Lauren

I am here to connect you to Islam’s vibrant heritage and transformative presence in Europe. Discover ancient and modern stories along the ancient Silk Road from Eastern Turkey to Uzbekistan and all the way into Siberia. Join likeminded travellers to discover the people and cultures of an Islamic world largely hidden from view on bespoke tours.


Lauren Booth

25 years in the mainstream media industry hosting radio and TV shows now nourishes KCMedia, where I am honoured to create conscious content on social media platforms and in face to face training. As a social media influencer my team is here to discuss the promotion of your inspirational products and services across multiple platforms.

Let us impact society together for positive change and social justice.


Find Your Voice

Standing out with authenticity and confidence is more important than ever. For the first time mainstream presentation training has been tailored to your needs.
My courses provide techniques and a simple to master skillset proven to have real impact in all areas where communication is key. Succeed on your terms and with
the ethics you believe in and become one of my global students from all walks of life.

“I had a little bit of trauma in the past, where I went ‘mind blank’. Now I have the warm up and toolkit – which I do before I give a speech. This course really changed my whole perspective on public speaking.”

Ali Dawah, Youtuber and Presenter

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Classic moments in Islamic history, inspiring travel destinations and  a new way to view current affairs. Videos which explore the reasons humanity benefits from Islam.

In The Media

In Search of A Holy Land

This personal memoir tracks the confusion of North London actors kid seeking meaning in life and finding surprising truths on a work trip to Palestine. It is now available as an audiobook along with print versions in both English and Turkish.



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Currently book
‘Accidentally Muslim’

2023/24’ Tour


I learnt so many things I didn’t know before. I’ve learnt from my faith’s point of view. I recommend you take this amazing opportunity. Go for it!


Noushin Raja
Founder Moonlight Trust "British Muslim Woman of the Year”(2022)

The feedback was very helpful. I took the points onboard and re-recorded my series. Now the show is played on three channels.
Thank you.


Dr Saeed AlQadi
Chairman AlMuntada Trust

This training was excellent. Their decades of experience in the media industry shows. Every Muslim in a leadership position should take this course.



Shaykh Hamza Karamali
Founder Basira Education